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Why Choose Surgery for Shoulder Pain and Loss of Motion?

Shoulder pain affects many aspects of your life. It interferes with healthy exercise, but also things like picking up your young children, tackling household chores, driving, and possibly even your job. Deciding what treatment to use can be complicated. Instead of trying one thing after another without much success, look into shoulder surgery to get rid of pain and restore range of motion and joint strength.

Reasons for Shoulder Pain 

While immediate injury due to bumps and bruises is frequently the cause of sudden shoulder pain, it can also be a chronic problem. Other reasons for shoulder pain include tendonitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, tendon pinching or tears, dislocation, neck or spine injury, or broken bones. Of course, things like broken bones or dislocation need immediate medical care.

Before determining if physical therapy, pain-relieving shots, or full surgery is needed, the doctor has to make a thorough examination. This may include x-rays, other types of medical scans, and hands-on, physical examination.

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Surgery Considerations for Shoulder Problems 

Not every shoulder problem requires surgery. When you make an appointment with Dr. Schwartz, a series of questions and medical tests will determine what the appropriate treatment plan should be going forward.

If the problem does require surgical intervention, there is no real need to cut into or open up the entire area.Shoulder arthroscopy is a process that uses a very small incision and a tiny camera to access the inner workings of the joint and find out exactly what the problem is.

What are the benefits of arthroscopic procedures? There are many. Not only is there less loss of blood and less pain, the recovery time is shortened as well. You can get back to your job, hobbies, and other regular activities sooner. The doctor still gets all the information they need without causing undue stress to the patient.

Surgery itself can also be done in this manner in some cases. Of course, something like a shattered collar bone or other massive problem may need more extensive opening of the skin. With a small incision, other shoulder problems can get all the help they need. These include impingement, shoulder separations, tendon ruptures, frozen shoulders, arthritic problems, and smaller fractures. There are many medical terms and reasons for the pain, stiffness, or motion blocks shoulders can experience.

Whenever you are experiencing pain in your shoulder or the surrounding area, it is important to make an appointment with a doctor right away so they can find this issue out. They will help you determine what the problem is exactly and what the best treatment is going forward. Sometimes, that means shoulder surgery, but it is also possible that other methods of making you feel better again exist.

When surgery is needed, arthroscopic options make sense. When your shoulder already hurts or if your range of motion is compromised, the last thing you want is a complicated procedure, large wound, and many stitches. With the right doctor using the best methods, your pain and time away from work and favorite activities will be minimal.

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