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Where Can Radiation Be Found?

We live our lives the way we want to – eat what we want, do what we want, and enjoy what we want. The problem with this attitude is that we don’t restrict ourselves and stop to think about the consequences of our actions. We don’t think about the risks of what we do. This is quite dangerous, and it must be immediately corrected.

When we are unable to limit ourselves, we risk exposing ourselves to harmful things and risk getting health disorders. One of the things we have failed to think about is the prevalence of radiation emitting sources that surround us.

Radiation is dangerous at high levels. It can cause a lot of health issues such as sterility, cell damage, cancer, and cataracts, among others. We must be careful with what we do to avoid endangering our lives.
Here are common sources of radiation you should know about:


Every time you drink, there is a little bit of radiation that you are ingesting. Water comes from the surrounding bodies of water near our country and most probably, it comes from rivers and lakes. The water is then filtered and purified to become potable drinking water. However, through this process, radiation can still exist in small amounts in the water. The radiation comes naturally from rocks and soil where the river and lake flows. This is all right as long as the level of radiation isn’t high.

Another possible source of radiation is nuclear plants that are near the lakes and rivers. Nuclear plants are really dangerous because they release toxic waste materials and radiation. The bodies of water near nuclear plants are constantly monitored by the local government to ensure that they are not contaminated with radiation.

Natural gas

This is not a problem because natural gas like cooking gas only emits low doses of radiation. But, it is best to avoid it as much as possible. Don’t get near the flames if you can help it. If you want to check the flames, do it at a distance.


This is not a surprise. Cellphones can have numerous side effects including increasing the chance of you getting cancer and other health disorders.


Although stylish, watches do emit radiation, albeit at a low dose only. Because it only emits low levels of radiation, it does not affect your health. However, it is scary to think that these small things can be a source of radiation. We must be more careful.


Sticking your face in front of a computer is a sure way to expose yourself to radiation. Computers are a big source of radiation. It can get especially dangerous when you use it for a long period of time. That’s why it is smart to limit the hours you spend in front of it, especially if you have small children. Teach them to do other activities and let them discover other hobbies.

With all these common radiation-emitting sources, we must be prepared and use EMF protection to combat against it.

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