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What is Morton’s Neuroma, Its Symptoms & Causes?

Morton’s neuroma is an aching condition affecting the ball of the foot. It feels like you are standing on a pebble in your footwear. The tissue around the nerves in the toes thickens and results in a sharp pain in the ball of the foot. It can also cause burning sensation, numbness, or sting in the toes.

Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma

This condition is characterized by pain and not by any physical signs. It can be detected only by what you feel from it. The first symptom is a tingling sensation between the toes and its intensity grows with time. Other symptoms include the following:

  • Shooting pain around the ball of the foot or the base of the toes.
  • There is increased discomfort when you walk.
  • Wearing tighter footwear can increase pain.
  • The pain associated with Morton’s neuroma will usually lessen during nighttime.

So if you notice any of these symptoms, you should visit The Center for Morton’s Neuroma for diagnosis and treatment.

Causes of Morton’s Neuroma

Many times the condition is caused due to tight shoes or high heels. When you wear such footwear, they cause excess compression on the nerves in the feet. The irritation causes the nerve to thicken, which results in increased pain due to the pressure. You may also develop the condition if you have an abnormal gait or foot structure. This can create instability when you walk or stand and puts pressure on the nerves in your foot.

People with flat feet, bunions, high arches, and hammer toes are at higher risk of developing Morton’s neuroma. There is a higher risk in those who engage in sports activities on a regular basis. Sports that involve running and jumping increase the pressure on your ball of the foot. Activities that require wearing tighter shoes also increase the risks. The condition can, in fact, also be caused due to injuries.

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