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The Revolutionary Procedure Giving New Hope to Patients with Difficult to Operate on Forms of Cancer

Irreversible electroporation is a revolutionary new technique that is used, among other applications, in the removal of cancerous tumors. It is commonly associated with a system of tumor removal. This surgery is a revolutionary way to provide surgery to cancer patients that have a minimal amount of invasiveness. It is particularly beneficial for the removal of tumors that are difficult to reach or otherwise inoperable. Examples often include tumors that are near major blood vessels or structures within the body that are critical and cannot be disrupted. The procedure was first introduced in cancer treatments centers including the University of Miami, John Hopkins and the University of Louisville. The revolutionary technology allows for the elimination of cancer tumors without damaging any of the nearby tissues or organs. If you are interested in reading more about the procedure for the eradication of cancerous tumors you can find out more in this great article as well as this one.

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Nanoknife Cancer Surgery has demonstrated numerous benefits for patients that include minimal damage done to healthy tissues, no need to create any open incisions, low-level side effects, quicker recovery time and greater ability to continue to repeat the procedure in the case that the tumor does comes back. The procedure has demonstrated the particularly beneficial application for patients suffering from pancreatic, liver and forms of soft tissue cancers. Statistics show that in 2016 alone, there were more than ninety thousand people in the United States who were diagnosed with forms of liver and pancreatic cancer. Many of these people had little hope of successfully being treated prior to the development of this revolutionary treatment. These are traditionally some of the most devastating and difficult to treat forms of cancer and this revolutionary new technology seems poised to revolutionize the treatment of these truly life-threatening conditions.

The basic methodology behind the treatment utilizes electrical currents to destroy tumors rather than heat or cold. During the treatment, the patient is put under general anesthesia while thin electrodes are guided into the body into the region of the cancerous tumor. At this point, electrical currents make nanometer sized punctures in the cancerous tumor which causes an imbalance to the cancer cell causing it to be destroyed. Among the many huge benefits to the procedure is that it is done on an outpatient basis and is over in no more than four hours. It is an ideal procedure for patients who are unable to undergo many of the more traditional treatments for cancerous tumors.

The results of the surgery have been very promising, and it is quickly becoming viewed as a serious alternative for cancer patients who have been diagnosed with short life expectancy due to the severe nature of their condition. Patients who have been in these kinds of situations and have opted to participate in the procedure have seen results that have as much as tripled their life expectancy.


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