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The Health Benefits And Comforts Of Cycling On A Recumbent Bike

Ergonomics in a Nutshell

Ergonomics is one of those words you no doubt have heard, but you just cannot explain the meaning of in its simplest terms. Manufacturers produce ergonomically designed products to enhance your comfort and increase health benefits in the workplace or in the recreational area that you can utilize. Ergonomic products are friendlier and easier on your body. A few ergonomic products are listed below. 

  • Desks
  • Computers
  • Office chairs
  • Recumbent Bikes
  • Pillows
  • Motorcycles
  • Footrests
  • Car seats 

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A Recumbent Bike versus A Traditional Bike

One ergonomically designed products is recumbent bikes for the cycling enthusiast. When you ride this type of bike, you position yourself in a laid back position. A recumbent bike helps to position your body’s weight over a larger body area more comfortably. Using this type of bike design supports your back and buttocks more favorably then the traditional bike. 

The traditional bike has a small seat, and after and hour or more riding can become hard on the buttock and back. To ease this pressure, you might stand up to peddle for a while to take the pressure off your body. To cycle up hills you find you need to stand up to peddle harder and keep the bicycle going forward. You cannot stand up and peddle on recumbent bikes. You will find no pressure on the buttock or back. 

If you ever saw someone using a recumbent bike, you may think that the position seemed awkward and wondered how that person could cycle comfortably while in a laid back position. You would be surprised at the comfort that recumbent bikes offer the rider. 

Adapting the Proper Fit 

While a traditional bicycle demands you sit upright over the handlebars, a recumbent bike offers increased ease on your skeletal system, especially your spine and offers better posturing, because you are in a laid back position. 

The seat of a recumbent bike adjusts to your height. Seat yourself on the bike and adapt the bike to your appropriate height. Some cyclists say they must first start peddling to turn it on. The most difficult thing about this type of bike design is learning to adjust the bike seat to your height and comfort, and this is not a difficult task. 

The best way to fit your height is to put one peddle in the six o’clock position, paying attention to your knee.You need at least a 25-degree angle, but no more than a 30-degree bend, and then you adjust the seat to the proper angle of the knee. 

Health Benefits From Using a Recumbent Bike

  • Those cyclists who embrace recumbent bikes feel this type of bike is much more convenient, offering many health benefits to the heart. This bike, while considered a piece of cardio equipment is ideal for those suffering from back issues or physical limitations. 
  • Hospitals and rehabilitation facilities may use stationary recumbent bikes for patients to exercise on, as pneumonia preventative. 

As with any exercise, it is recommended to warm up first, and at the end of your ride, cool down.  This kind of bike provides a lower activity impact on the body. 

What Muscle Groups Do Recumbent Bikes Target?

  • The front thigh muscles
  • The gluteus muscles

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