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Techniques Which Are Used For Hair Transplant in Surat

Now e days many people are suffering from Hair loss or baldness and are constantly looking for solutions to treat them. After all, everyone wants their natural look back. And that is possible with the help of hair transplant.

At first, it all starts will hair loss, many people ignore hair loss at the initial stage and then this hair loss turns into complete baldness within no time. Making you lose your original look.

There are many reasons for hair fall like genetics, your daily routine, environmental changes, pollution etc. So hair loss or baldness can come at any age.

So It is important to deal with it at an early stage by consulting a doctor and undergoing treatments like PRP or Mesotherapy which helps in dealing with hair fall or hair thinning.

But when your hair fall turns into complete baldness treatments like PRP and Mesotherapy won’t help as there are no roots left in your scalp. So at this stage, the only solution you can opt for is hair transplant.

In a city, like Surat were the environmental conditions are changing drastically and the pollution is increasing day by day, if you don’t take care of your hair properly you may experience hair fall which is not a good experience at all.

But it’s not all dependent on these factors if baldness is heredity in your family there’s a high chance of you suffering from the same. But to overcome this situation there are many clinics providing the best hair transplant in Surat.

Hair transplant can be done using various techniques, tools and advance technology which will decrease the effort of the surgeon but won’t compromise with the quality of the surgery.

So below I have mentioned some of the techniques of hair transplant.

Stating with FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) which is a hair restoration technique, where a strip is taken from the back of your head which normally is a donor area in most of the cases.

Then the hairs on the strip are separated under a microscope to prepare individual grafts that will be later implanted in the recipient area. Finally, after successfully creating the grafts under the microscope, grafts are implanted carefully by the surgeon.

This being an old technique it is not practiced by many Hair transplant surgeons in Surat. Also, this procedure involves a linear scar which doesn’t look good.

To avoid this FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)came into existence which is an advanced technique which involves no linear scar and is a faster method compared to FUT. This method involves extracting grafts from the donors’ area and placing them in the recipient area. As only individual hair follicles are removed it leaves very small scars that are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Since it’s a very advanced method you should choose a surgeon who has an expertise in this. So I shall suggest you to visit a clinic which provides the best hair transplant in Surat.

There are many more advance techniques for hair transplant like Neo-Graft FUE and Robotic FUE which are very fast, precise and give desired results. But every clinic does not have such technology only the best Hair transplant clinics in Surat use such techniques.

Neo Graft is a tool which is used by the surgeon under FUE procedure to perform hair transplant surgery, it increases the graft extraction speed which helps to maintain the quality of the graft extracted and also assist the surgeon while implanting the extracted graft so overall its a time-saving tool.

When it comes to robotic FUE as the name itself suggest, that this procedure is performed by a robot which is more fast and precise when it comes to extraction of the grafts. But it does not perform the implantation process as it has to be done by the surgeon itself.

With these advance techniques being introduced in the world of hair transplant it has become possible to provide results which are 100% safe, satisfactory and quick.

Also at the same time, it has managed to make the work of the surgeon more easier and simple.

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