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Sciatica – a spinal nerve disorder

Sciatic pain occurs in the lower back, hips, and back of legs. It includes numbness and weakness. It is originated in the lower back, all the way through the sciatic nerve to the buttocks and to the back of legs (calves) and in the last, it can reach to the toes also. This is caused due to disorders of the spinal nerves. You can get it relieved by surgery too. But surgery can be scary to some people. But in some clinics, they provide complete pain care to these people by natural ways, medicines or any other alternative.

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Mentioned below are some causes of the sciatic pain:-

Bulging disc: Bulging disc or a herniated disc occurs with the breaking of the nucleus in the annulus fibrosus (outer wall shaped like a tire). Before, this gel-like content (nucleus pulpous) situated within the Annulus Fibrosus. This break causes sciatica as it pushes the roots of the nerves located adjacent to it.

Spinal stenosis: The legs pain that occurs in older persons mostly due to lumbar spinal stenosis. This is the pain that makes you suffer when you change the position frequently like during a walk. There are ways provided for the passage of nerves between the vertebrae in the spinal cord when it gets narrower it creates pain.

Spondylolisthesis: This problem occurs in the lower spines. When a vertebra slips over the other adjacent vertebra it causes compressions in the nerve roots that results in the sciatic pain commonly in the legs.

Sciatica can also occur due to an external force that affects the nerves. No matter the reason for it. It can be relieved. If your pain is in its initial phase, it can be relieved by the use of heat and ice packs. You can also take some specific medications too to get relief and at the last, you may go for surgery.

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