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Remarkable Family Dentistry at Remarkable Smiles

Remarkable Smiles family dentist Issaquah has provided a relaxing and safe environment for our patients of all ages for over 20 years. We are committed to delivering exceptional dental services to your entire family from the before those first teeth appear to senior oral care at its best. We welcome new clients to call us at (425) 654-2059 to schedule your appointment today.

Why is “Family” Dentistry Important?

Because good dental habits, strong white teeth, and healthy gums do not just happen, Dr. Jorgensen and the staff at Remarkable Smiles wants to help everyone in the family shape good dental habits early so they enjoy the benefits of healthy oral health for a lifetime

When Does Good Dental Care Begin?

Making dental care a family experience sets the stage for a lifetime of excellent oral health. We know that the first trip to the dentist can be not only intimidating for children but for their parents as well. Dr. Jorgensen understands your child’s needs and possible fears so he is diligent to make that first trip to the dentist a rewarding experience.

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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that parents schedule a dental visit around six months after their child’s first tooth appears or their first birthday. We provide invaluable advice so you can formulate a plan for good dental home health care.

When your children reach adolescence, we will help meet their growing needs of appearance and self-image. The dentist will provide deep cleaning of their teeth, treat any early signs of decay with fillings should they become necessary, and provide sealants. Our staff offers a full range of support for both the entire family.

What Services are Essential to total Family Dental Care?

Comprehensive Dental Exams – Regularly scheduled exams are essential to detect small things that can easily be fixed before they become major things that cost a lot of discomfort and expense.

Cavity Repair – Making sure your teeth last is our priority. If cavities appear, we work with you to choose the most natural appearing filling possible.

Tooth Replacement – Whether a bridge, implant, or dentures, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Braces – Whether it’s traditional braces or the patented Invisalign system we can help ensure your child’s best smile possible.

At Remarkable Smiles, we use techniques that will make your routine check-up and cleaning feel more like a spa day. Our patients’ visits are relaxing with the highest quality dental equipment. Our welcoming dental team will put everyone in the family at ease with our dental services.

Make an appointment with Remarkable Smiles family dentist Issaquah at (425) 654-2059.

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