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Pure Skincare – Selecting the Best for Your Skin

Are you one of those searching for the best natural or pure skincare products, but confused because of the abundance of information available online? Don’t fret; this article will reveal how you can select the best for your skin. This is very important as not all the skincare products you see marketed out there by the media are as effective as they make them out to be.

What a lot of people all over the world do not know is that not all skincare products should be used. Some skincare products contain harmful ingredients that could damage your skin and end up giving you unsightly stretch marks.

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Here are some of the harmful chemicals you should watch out for when selecting your skincare products:

Parabens: these are chemical preservatives used in skincare products to enhance their shelf life, which is beneficial for manufacturers. Parabens are known to trigger skin allergies and contribute to causing cancer. But the reason they are still being used in today’ skincare products is that they are inexpensive.

Mineral oil: It is another common ingredient used widely in skin care products and known as petroleum, paraffin wax or liquid paraffin. It is also available for cheap and is mainly used as a moisturizing agent. But research has shown that mineral oil clogs the skin, thereby suffocating it and preventing the skin to breathe freely. The blocking of the pores on the skin prevents the expulsion of toxins from within the body. When this happens, it could develop into skin allergies, acne, skin disorders, and inflammation.

Acrylamide: This is another common chemical used in most hand and face skincare products. But clinical research has shown that this harmful ingredient contributes to causing breast tumors.

There are other harmful ingredients, but hopefully, you have gotten the idea.

But for any skincare product that boasts of having natural ingredients, you need to ensure that such products should have chemical substances that enhance the production of elastin and collagen in the body. These are two essential proteins that the body needs to produce naturally and are in charge of ensuring that the skin remains supple, firm, elastic, and pliant.

Producing these proteins come more naturally during our younger years. But as we age, the production slows down naturally as well. This leads to saggy skin, wrinkles, uneven skin complexion, and age spots. But the presence of these ingredients in skincare products makes them work as anti-aging agents, thus restoring the radiance of your skin.

The best skincare products are entirely free of toxic ingredients like genetically modified materials, silicones, synthetic perfumes, derivatives of petroleum, and parabens. Skincare products with natural ingredients are suitable for all classes of people, especially vegans and don’t contain gluten, thus making them apt for any skin type.

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One of the best places that showcase skincare products that make use of 100% natural ingredients is NaoBay. All products from NaoBay are free of toxic materials, suitable for vegans and their containers are made from recyclable materials. The brand is certified by COSMOS and ECOCERT and known for producing natural and ecological cosmetics via an exhaustive quality process.

For more information about their range of cosmetic products, visit http://www.naobay.com/.


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