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New York Jungian Analyst

New York Jungian analyst seeks to throw more light on the dark areas of our psyche. They perform one of the most effective psychological therapy. Prior to treatment, the analysts will first build a good rapport with the patient. With the close relationship between both parties, the New York Jungian analyst can unite the patients conscious and unconscious parts. This will help the individual experience great emotional balance

Sadly, there are only a few New York Jungian analysts. Not many people are practicing in this field and as such, it is not as common as the traditional approaches of psychotherapy. Fortunately, Jungian therapy is beginning to find its place in the field of psychological care. It has beneficial and proven useful in helping patients maintain emotional balance and get their lives back together.

Purpose of Jungian therapy

One of the major purposes of Jungian therapy is to facilitate the psychic integrity of the person by uniting the conscious with the unconscious. It is, however, important to note that it is within this psychotherapeutic framework we all have a psychic substrate. These can sometimes result in unconscious dynamics which in turn might negatively affect our way our behavioral attitudes and way of thinking and relating to others.

Put simply, New York Jungian analysts aim to help an individual achieve a harmony between needs and achievement as well as pasts and present. Achieving emotional balance can be possible when the patient has reached a certain level of maturity where their inner personality can truly define itself

Best time to seek New York Jungian Analyst

A New York Jungian analyst can help the patient understand and cope with complex issue such as anxiety, depression or addiction. the psychotherapeutic approach is a phase patient must pass through. And this cannot be done alone. You need the help of a New York Jungian analyst. The three specific phases a patient will pass through include self-awareness, transformation and actualization. This will illuminate all the dark areas so the analysts can help find lasting solution to the problem.

The approach will be just perfect for people with the following situations

  • Moments when you feel discouraged, frustrated or angry
  • Experiencing devastating life problems such as heartbreaks
  • Fear of repeating the same old mistakes
  • Artists who find it difficult to bring about new ideas

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