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Kegel Exercise Add Tone and Strength to the Pelvic Floor Muscles

What are Kegel Exercises?

This exercise is the only training that can benefit the pelvic floor muscles. The thing to remember is that when you do your Kegel exercises no one knows and it remains your private secret.

There has been a lot of research done on pelvic muscle exercises and the impact. These pelvic floor exercises prove to benefit those experiencing bladder leaks by either decreasing bladder leaks or fully correcting this condition.

Weak pelvic floor muscles interfere substantially with sexual function. Kegel exercises help to enhance sex by strengthening these muscles.

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Eliminate the Myths and Confusion 

Every woman is different. No one woman responds the same to exercise as another. The following factors impact your individual needs such as, are you,

  • Overweight
  • Pregnant
  • Just experienced childbirth
  • In menopause
  • Fight chronic constipation
  • Fight a chronic illness
  • Just had surgery and more

Kegel Assistance

Researchers recently developed a device to assist when doing Kegel exercises. This device helps you to know when to squeeze your pelvic muscles and for how long. This device lets you know how and when doing just the right amount of exercises that fit your individual needs.

Before starting these exercises, you must identify the right muscles. The best way to assure this is when you urinate stop urinating midstream. Feeling these muscles, you identified the correct muscles to exercise, the pelvic floor muscles. Never make a habit of daily testing for the right muscles as this is not a healthy practice.

Once you identify the muscles squeeze and hold for five seconds, then relax the muscle. This exercise goes smoother when you inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Repeat this process five to ten times as tolerated.

Your goal needs to be at least ten repetitions in sets of three, daily. As you become accustomed to these exercises increase the time from five to ten seconds of contracting and relaxing the muscles.

Device Makes Kegel Exercises Easier

Biofeedback is possible when you insert this device. This biofeedback helps you through every exercise set as the instrument reads out your contractions and relaxation of muscles.

This new tool works with your smartphone as it sends information to your phone. This device allows you to view how your muscles are working and the progress you make. Users consistently report how easy this tool is to use. This tool does not stop here as it is equipped to send out daily reminders to do your exercises encouraging you to set aside just five minutes to do your exercises.

In Conclusion

Positive reviews keep coming in about how great this device is for women who want to live a quality life.


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