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HACCP is the ‘how’ of GMP

Don’t you just adore acronyms?

At their full length, GMP is the Good Manufacturing Process and the HACCP definition is Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. Both of these relate to food hygiene and they are employed in the U.K., the EU and across member countries like Canada.

GMP is the internationally recognised minimum standard for a business to exist and function at safe levels from food safety, legal and quality perspectives.

HACCP is the all-important “how.”

Without this you’ll be fighting to achieve your GMP.

HACCP is the internationally recognised plan for food hygiene, risk assessments and to implement effective control measures to reduce or eliminate risks from contamination and allergens which could cause health complications, food poisoning and in the most devastating cases, death in the end user.

Why does this concern every employee, manager and business owner who is involved in the preparation or manufacture of food?

Put simply, having a HACCP plan and HACCP training in place could make the difference between being able to trade confidently and being passed by.

HACCP training provides the bridge from ignorance, unknowing negligence and a cavalier attitude to learning, appreciating and understanding responsibilities in a food centred location.

The seven principles of HACCP are relevant to all businesses, large or small, serving or manufacturing food in a professional environment and if you wish to trade successfully and be internationally recognised the lack of HACCP training, an HACCP plan and HACCP food hygiene adherence will severely restrict your activities.

Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 which centres on food hygiene requires all EU members to use HACCP principles. By not doing so, you could be signing away many opportunities.

HACCP training costs much less than you could expect to lose by not being able to trade or be recognised because you haven’t got the accreditations.

The choice is yours but how are you going to achieve your market share when you appear to be less competent and less conscious of your food hygiene obligations than your competitors?

A HACCP food hygiene training course is easy to locate, simple to take and ultimately offers knowledge, reasoning, practical techniques and peace of mind to establishments. Courses can be taken online via a MyHACCP training course.

Food hygiene training companies like Food Alert in London will work with a business to tailor a HACCP plan that is pertinent to that business’ requirements, they advise on efficient record keeping – important so that stock is not used past it’s designated date and for the adherence to legislation.

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What are the seven principles of HACCP?

  • Identifying critical control points
  • Analysing hazards
  • Establishing CCP prevention actions
  • Monitoring CCP prevention techniques
  • Corrective actions and alarms
  • Maintenance of control logs/records.

There’s nothing prohibitive about HACCP training. Any fears should be held in the ramifications of not taking advantage of HACCP training and an HACCP plan.

Food hygiene training companies like Food Alert are waiting to help you.

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