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Gym Bangarang’s Concept and Our Unique Training Method to Forge Fitness

Fitness centers with a verdure backdrop of hills and rice fields are not something you would see every day. And as far as Gym Bangarang, located in Chiang Mai, Thailand is concerned, that type of idyllic setting is what sets us apart in the fitness field, specifically in the land of the white elephant.

Our concept at Gym Bangarang is not something regular gyms have where you come, workout then leave. Ours is like a vacation to get fit – you get to enjoy natural surroundings while upping your fitness levels. The environment around Gym Bangarang – the clean and fresh air, and the greenery nurture the soul. For good measure, our trainers are extremely congenial, always happy to help with an unfaltering smile. You will feel right at home – it’s a promise.

At Gym Bangarang, with our unique concept you can enjoy the best of several worlds – you can holiday here and also work on your fitness level, augmenting it, lose weight and train yourself in Muay Thai boxing.

Our training methods are highly personalised, taking into account your individual health status, body endurance, capacity and stamina. Gym Bangarang’s experienced trainers have what it takes to make you attain your fitness goals, applying the right doses of motivation and workout regime.

We have training programs that are varied – when you come to Gym Bangarang, you’ll be met with training methods that are diverse. Weight Loss Boot Camp is aimed at the shedding of excess weight. Muay Thai training helps you to get fit and the program for children is to benefit them for a lifetime as values like discipline and resilience are instilled via Muay Thai training methods. Besides that, there are programs that focus on team building for company staff, personal training and fitness programs for veterans.

In all, Gym Bangarang’s attributes are focused to present a new way of fitness gaining methods which are comprehensive and holistic. We truly want to give you an enriching health increasing experience that you won’t forget.


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