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Factors That Affect The Duration Of The Anti-Impotency Pills

Today’s scenario about sexual life is that it should be healthy to make the relationship strength between two partners. But sometimes the conditions like ED that is erectile dysfunction can be the cause of the disturbed relationship. Viagra is the best way to have all the problems related to ED sorted out easily.

Getting Viagra online stores are there to have it at your doorsteps. People have questions like what is Viagra and actually is a kind of drug that helps in erection. Sometimes people get confused that it is for the sexual desire enhancement but it is not for that. It is the prescription for those who really suffer from the disturbed sexual life with their partners.

It is easily available without the prescription in the market but it is better to have with a prescription as it can have side effects. These work in the proper blood flow to the penis and sustain an erection when one is sexually aroused.

When one takes Viagra there is a dosage that affects according to the condition of the ED. Viagra starts working after 30 minutes from the time it is taken.  Taking the Viagra ingle doesn’t work for the erection it is very important to have some form of sexual stimulation in order to have the proper erection.

The effects of Viagra last for 2-3 hours and if the erection doesn’t stop after four hours then it becomes very necessary to consult the doctor. But there are some factors that affect how long Viagra lasts for.

  • Age– After 60 as the metabolism of the body gets slow so the effect of Viagra lasts for a longer time in person above of 60 years. As you grow older the effect can last longer.
  • Alcohol– Alcohol is responsible for the slow erection as it decreases the blood flow to the penis which makes it hard to work for the erection. Having more than two units of alcohol can be responsible for the side effects after having Viagra. Viagra work becomes very hard to make one having the good erection.
  • Diet– Never have the Viagra empty stomach as it leads to side effects but if you have the fat-rich food before having Viagra then takes much time to work so it is better to have it after the light diet.
  • Health– If one is already having the medical conditions like heart, liver or kidney diseases then the Viagra lasts for a long time. In this condition, the tablet needs more to break down in the body. It is better to tell your doctor of having these health issues.
  • Dosage– higher the dose the more is the effect and lasts longer and lower dose last for a minimum time. Doctors can easily prescribe you the right dosage of the Viagra for its proper work.

These are the common factors that help in having your correct dosage accordingly to make your sex life better.

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