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A Brooklyn dermatologist can put your worries to rest quickly by determining if a skin problem is benign or malignant. Quick examinations determine the overall health of the skin and may point to diseases involving the hair, fingernails and the mucus membranes.

Who Needs a Dermatologist?

If you’re a serious sun lover who spends a lot of time outdoors, you may need a dermatologist Brooklyn. It’s important to pay special attention to any skin redness or rash that doesn’t seem to go away, pay special attention to any moles that change in color or shape. Early examination and treatment of cancerous spots could save a life.

A condition called malasma often causes brown spots on women who use a form of hormonal birth control. This is another reason you might want to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. The solution is as easy as switching medications. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that accelerates the growth of cells that produce red scaly skin. The resulting painful rash appears inflamed and when left untreated, it may develop into arthritis. Shingles is another common irritating ailment where an intervention produces a speedy recovery. Save time and unnecessary suffering by enlisting the services of a specialized Brooklyn dermatologist who offers help in other areas as well, such as:

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  • excision of lesions
  • skin grafts
  • liposuction
  • dermabrasion
  • hair restoration transplants
  • vein therapy
  • fungal infections
  • dermatitis
  • vitiligo

What Can a Dermatologist Brooklyn Do?

Licensed, professional dermatologists practice medicine; additionally, they provide solutions for up to 3,000 skin concerns with many minor procedures taking place in the office. Skin rashes that looks serious could be minor reactions to a new medication. Switching to a new prescription could save the day.

Dermatologists perform biopsies to diagnose certain concerns, implement cosmetic peels and administer injections to successfully treat scars and help restore facial fullness for a more youthful appearance.

Will My Insurance Cover a Dermatologist?

Diagnostic test reports and medical evaluations will determine the amount of coverage provided by insurance companies. Treatments that are considered merely cosmetic are typically covered at a smaller percentage or may not be covered at all. Check with your provider before scheduling an appointment.

When your Brooklyn dermatologist has provided relief through medical intervention, consider making some personal lifestyle changes to further enhance your health. Add some low-impact aerobics like walking or biking to your daily routine. Join a gym and buy some spandex in the latest designs and work out. Get serious about hydration and keep a bottle of water with you. It aids in digestion and takes some of the workload of the heart. Add lots of colorful super-foods with fruit and vegetables to your dinner plate and map out the nearest raw-juice bar. Maintaining your new healthy skin and body is worth some experimentation in your daily routine. Revisiting youth may be as simple as detoxing.


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