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Childhood Cancer: When to Consult a Pediatrician

Childhood Cancer: When to Consult a Pediatrician

Childhood cancer is on the rise. You do not have to be a statistician to tell that. Just look at the sheer number of cases registered over the past couple of years, compare it to previous years, and you will have your answer. There is a multitude of symptoms of childhood cancer, and you can only be sure once you have correlated the symptoms with clinical findings and laboratory data. But you will need to know when you should rush your kid to a Nyack pediatrics specialist. No worries, our small blog will teach you when you should worry and when not.

Like most other diseases, there are some cardinal features of most cancers. The kid will lose weight rapidly, almost 10% of his/her total weight within a period of 6 months. In addition, there might by neck/ other body gland swelling, which might feel hard on palpation. Apart from that, the child might feel anorexic, meaning that she will feel less turned on by foods, even by ones she usually loves. But should you worry now if you notice any of these symptoms in your kid, and rush her to a Nyack pediatrics hospital? Not yet! These symptoms could be a result of various other diseases such as simple viral fever or intestinal disorders. You have no way to be sure of that since only a specialist can find that out. So, it is better to consult one just to be sure. After all, we cannot take risks with our kids.

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Apart from that, all the cancers will not have similar symptoms. Someone suffering from throat cancer will face difficulty in swallowing solid food, while someone suffering from rectal cancer will most likely complain of bleeding during defecation. You will need to take note of each and every symptom and make sure you are not missing something important. For example, in many childhood cancers bleeding could be the earliest manifestation. Whenever you find a source of bleeding, you will need to take that seriously, especially if it is a chronic one.

For your information, childhood cancers occur during the first two decades of life. After that, there will be a decline in overall incidence rate. Plus, the prognosis of cancers differ from individual to individual, and the type of cancer. Someone with a good immune system and a good response to treatment will have a better outcome than someone with a weak immune system and lack of response towards treatment drugs. But please bear in mind, do not come to any conclusion just by going through several online articles. Trust me, in 99% cases; you will be proven wrong. So, if you have any suspicion, consult with your nearest Nyack pediatrics specialist as soon as possible.

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