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Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Few individuals are lucky enough to be born with perfectly aligned teeth. For those with misaligned teeth, Crofton orthodontics can make a huge difference in enhancing your overall smile appearance. This specialized field of dentistry corrects bites misalignment and improper teeth spacing by moving your teeth into more optimal positions. Nonetheless, the benefits of orthodontic treatment usually go beyond just having straighter teeth. The treatment can

Help with TMJ disorder

People who have Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder can find relief with Crofton orthodontics. TMJ can cause a popping or clicking sound when the mouth closes or opens. This is usually caused by an irritation of the joint that connects the bottom and top jaw. Orthodontic treatment corrects the jaw position to ease the symptoms of TMJ.

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Prevent gum diseases

Deep crannies that harbor harmful bacteria decreases as the teeth straighten. Without the treatment, these crevices allow food to build up and can lead to plaques, cavities, and eventually periodontal issues. Moreover, studies have shown that these oral bacteria can move into your bloodstream and contribute to premature births and heart disease.

 Improve nutritional health

Studies have indicated that an incorrect bite can cause improper chewing that can result in bigger issues including indigestion and poor nutrient absorption. Furthermore, there might be a higher risk of reflux in swallowing large bites. This can affect the tooth enamel and stomach lining.

Injury prevention

Crofton orthodontics treatment can prevent future injuries. While even the well-aligned teeth may suffer trauma, protruding teeth are more prone to damage in case of an accident. That may lead to extensive dental work in repairing or replacing it.

Better Bites

A proper position of your lower and upper teeth when they come together in your natural bite is vital to your health. If they do not meet in the correct position (a condition called malocclusion), you might experience tooth enamel wear and tear due to excessive grinding.

Enhanced restorations outcome

If you’re considering veneers or implants, pre-restorative orthodontics can enhance your tooth position such that the cosmetic dentistry results in better restorations. That’s because orthodontic treatment allows the specialist to perform more conservative care on the aesthetically improved and healthy teeth.       

Switch to a Straight, Brighter Smile Today

The benefits of having a straight, exquisite smile are worth more than many investments. At Crofton orthodontics, we pride ourselves in offering the best orthodontic care and a future full of beautiful smiles. Our highly trained and qualified team of orthodontists utilizes cutting-edge digital technology to align teeth for patients in Annapolis, Bowie, Crofton, Gambrills, and surrounding areas.

What Next? Call us today to revamp your smile!

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