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A Balanced Diet Means Balanced Health for Your Pet

Advances in Holistic Pet Medicine

Pets have become the darlings of our animal loving culture. This means that as medical advances in human health become available, the same advances quickly become available for our pets. From cancer treatment to behavioral services, pet owners have many sources for seeking good health care for their pets. This now includes Chinese medicine for pets. Whether it be acupuncture, herbal supplements, or a balanced diet for overall health, the principles of Chinese medicine apply well to the lives of our animals. Let’s look at one principle of Chinese medicine and pet nutrition that can be directly applied to pets at home.

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Not all pet company supplied pet foods are the same. Some have much more filler and processed ingredients. These can rob a pet of health and strength by leeching vitamins and minerals out of their body. Some ingredients can even counter the natural and healthy operation of various organs within the body. Over time the use of poor nutrition reduces the pet’s immunity system, ages them prematurely, and causes a lack of thriving overall. What can a pet owner do?

  1. Take time to study the ingredient lists on the pet food containers. Look for wholesome ingredients and shorter ingredient lists.
  2. Ask a trusted veterinarian about brands. Their insight can direct you to great choices in your pet’s nutrition. Most vets also sell high-quality foods for individual pet’s health needs.
  3.  Consider avoiding processed foods altogether and developing a natural food diet made with whole, unprocessed ingredients. This seems like a lot to ask, but it only takes a little time learning a new habit. If you think about it, living on the same pet food year in and year out is often like living on the same fast food all the time. It will not meet the changing needs of a pet going through its natural life cycle.
  4. A little treat for special occasions is fun as long as it is safe, so be careful about what human foods pets have access to.

In Chinese medicine for pets the principle of balance is well established for the prevention of disease. This includes balanced diet, exercise, rest, and more. Some of these principles can be subtle by Western standards, so it helps to understand that Chinese medicine for pets involves steady, preventative healthy living applications that avoid disease. Veterinarians have experience and training in helping pet owners discover which methods of healthy living for pets will best serve the needs of their individual pets. Veterinarian expertise concerning pet food and nutrition is invaluable. A pet owner can then make healthier choices for their pet.



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