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5 Steps to Compassion During Alcohol Rehab

There are many negative thoughts that roll through a person’s mind that is in an alcohol rehab center. Whether it is guilt, sorrow, self-pity or anger, these feelings create a low self-esteem that can lead to negative behavior including relapse. Getting sober and staying sober is a journey that includes learning how to cope, be compassionate and supportive of yourself.  Sobriety is a journey and here are some tips that will help you along the way.

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  1.  Avoiding the Truth: One of the most common denominators in addition is the “a” word, avoidance. Addicts and those in alcohol rehab centers suppress their emotions and consequently the more negative thoughts they have the more negatively they feel about their situation leading to self hatred and self loathing.  This avoiding the truth prevents progress to sobriety. As soon as the avoidance of the truth stops then recovery and compassion can begin.
  2.  Compassion Is a Positive Tool: Studies show that a compassionate state of mind can be learned. Not only is compassion a positive way to regain a positive self image, it has proven to assist addicts deal with stress, overcome cravings and handle their emotions more productively. Practicing positive self talk improves self esteem, and teaches you positive tools to a long lasting lifetime of sobriety.
  3.  Emotional Boost:  Self compassion provides you with both a physical and emotional boost. Not only does self compassion and positive self talk decrease the body’s cortisol, the stress hormone, levels it promotes the production of oxytocin a feel good chemical the body naturally releases that will decrease cravings.
  4.  Self Compassion Rules:  There are 5 rules those in drug and alcohol rehab centers and recovery should practice maintaining compassion: They are:
  •  Acknowledge mistakes and “let them go” because the past is the past and cannot be relived. The future is yours to embrace and enjoy.
  • Be in the present, the moment. Rushing recovery or your life isn’t healthy or productive. Your recovery is one second at a time, one moment in time that leads you to a lifetime of sobriety and happiness.
  • Be aware and focus on self-growth instead of self-improvement. Learning how to love yourself and learn from every moment makes you a better, healthier, sober human being.
  • Treat and speak to yourself with the compassion and respect as you would a good, dear friend. You are worth it. Love yourself on the inside and outside.
  • Giving yourself permission to move forward, let negative relationships go and negative behaviors behind. Volunteer for a nonprofit organization, pick up a new hobby or start a journal.

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